All Because Two People Fell in Love Part 1

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All Because Two People Fell In Love

A Family starts with two…...

We have all seen the sign “All because two people fell in love”.  This is my story of how Mike and I “met” and started raising our family in Torah. 

This is one of those stories that leaves you thinking....yup He had His hand in that one.... It certainly did for me! 

I was 26, recently separated, had two young children and was living with my parents. I was living in a new town and knew only my parents and my brother. I was relying on them in so many ways.

My brother and I were 4 years apart in age, him being the elder. Growing up I was always the “pain in the butt little sister” and would tag along whenever I could. He always made it clear that his friends were “off limits” both to me and to his friends. So, I was a little surprised when he wanted to introduce me to one of the guys at his work. 

He had recently gotten an office job at a local agency (I found out later there was an interesting story of how that happened too).

Anyway, when my brother first mentioned the idea I wanted nothing to do with it! As I said I was just separated, not even divorced yet. I wanted nothing to do with men, and was completely ok and prepared to raise my two children as a single mom.  He kept bugging me about it, telling me how great this guy is….

Still not wanting anything to do with this person, I hesitantly agree to meet him with conditions.

1. It needs to be a group outing, my brother needed to be there.

2. I was going to drive, so that I could leave when I wanted to.

He got the group date set up. Our plan was to grab a bite to eat then go to a local bar afterwards. Little did my brother know I had a plan of my own. I would go out and make enough of a fool of myself that the guy wanted nothing to do with me, but not so much that my brother would realize what I was doing. Or do or say things when my brother wasn’t paying attention. It would be a win – win. My brother would be off my back, and still no man to worry about!

So, “date night” came, I was ready, at least as ready as I was going to be. I hopped in my car and went to pick up my brother. When I got there, I knocked on the door….no answer. Not really surprised (He took as long as I did to get ready…maybe longer). Having a key to his place, I let myself in to move him along.

When I went in I saw he had passed away on his couch. My brother was a type 1 diabetic, and had struggled with his health for a few years. He was only 30 years old. Not knowing what else to do, I call 911 and my parents. I was the one who had to tell my father that my brother had died……

I didn’t know how to contact anyone from the group that he had set up, but one of the guys that was supposed to meet with us that night worked with my father. When he went into work that night they had it posted that my brother had passed away and  he put two and two together, and let the rest of the group know that we didn’t stand them up… least not intentionally.

Like I said before, my brother never wanted me to date any of his friends… after he was gone I began to wonder why this guy? Why did he want me to meet this one? I’ve always thought that things happen for a reason. I didn’t want to always wonder why or what if. So, I sent him an email at work, not ready to meet face to face just yet.  Maybe it would lead to nothing, maybe something, maybe just a friendship, but I had to try. To at least see what would happen.

We emailed back and forth for about a month, getting to know each other, then he asked me if he had passed all my tests and if i was ready to go out with him.

 A date was set!

Our first date was an interesting one… start with it was over 12 hrs. long! We talked about everything that is “off limits” on first dates, ex’s, politics, and religion. We were both open and honest almost to a fault. We both were past putting up appearances’. We wanted the other to know the truth up front, no games no pretending.  That was 10 years and 4 children ago….

 I now believe that it had to happen the way it did…. otherwise this would not have been the outcome.

My husband and I have both grown so much in our faith. I now couldn’t imagine my life without him.

יהוה  is truly amazing, he took my brothers death and turned it into something amazing.... probably (eternal) lifesaving!  

My husband is an amazing man of יהוה  .  He is better for me than I could have ever come up with on my own!  Our marriage is strong because it’s centered on what is important… יהוה  , truth, and love.

This is our story….. How we began our journey together.

Mike will be sharing his story next week!

I would love to hear yours! Please share in the comments below.

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