Dealing with Family Series My Story

       Dealing with family Series


Ok guys here is my story. I have been putting it off long enough….

Family……it’s a word that has been redefined (no maybe reshaped would be better) in my world over the last few years.
15 years ago if you would have asked me who my family is I would have said My mom, dad, brother grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. I grew up in the church hearing that those who are in Christ are my family, but it was never something I took to heart…. Maybe that’s why I have gone through some of this is to teach me who my family is….sorry that just came to me.
Since becoming Torah Observant (TO) I have had a roller coaster ride with my “family”. At the beginning when I started worshiping on Sabbath instead of Sunday, they just rolled with it. There was a little conversation, but I was new into this new journey and my bible knowledge was limited. So when my Dad would question something the discussion would never last very long. Then came that “oh so wonderful” time of year for every new TO person…..Christmas. I had no trouble giving that up……my family however had/has a very difficult time letting me and my children go during that time. The first couple of years were hard not for me but for my family. Even after explanation they couldn’t understand this change. I went from FULLY participating to not wanting anything to do with it at all. Still many years later my Mom has managed to find a way to do Christmas with two of my children. Even after me asking her not to, even after her saying she wouldn’t any more, even after not talking to me for over a year she manages to “sneak it in”. She has found a way that I have no control over. My mom has chosen Christmas multiple times over a relationship with me and the rest of my children and husband.
Granted that is not the only reason that our relationship has gone down the drain, but I think its one of the major ones for them. We also had some events that ended with my oldest two spending the majority of their time and their school year with their dad (my ex-husband). It was a difficult time for all of us! During this time is when everything kind of came to a head as they say. Our “religion” was being blamed for some of our decisions. My parents completely turned on my husband and tried to convince me to divorce him. During those years the relationship with my parents went through so much hardship and events causing there to be very little to no trust for me in my parents. After some time had passed we did schedule a time to meet and discuss the Bible, but they backed out and my Dad told me he didn’t want to meet. He wouldn’t sit down with my husband and I. He would only sit and talk to me but not about Bible….
Through all of these things I have a new understanding of some of scriptures. (Like others have mentioned) Those that talk about a family being divided mother against daughter. The Messiah saying who is my mother. Saying we must love Yeshua more than our blood family…. These make so much more sense to me then they did…..back when I never thought I would have to chose between my Elohim and a relationship with my family. However, I have had to make that choice. I would do it again. It’s not easy but I am hoping to store up treasures …but not for this earth.
So who do I see as my family now? Those who are believers and followers of the Messiah and by default follow Torah those who even though we may have many differences have the same core beliefs.
I hope this series on family has shown you that what ever you are going through as you walk out your journey of following Truth you are not alone! While everyone’s story is different we can empathize with you because of our own experiences. If you would like to share your story, please let me know! You never know who you could help!

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