That’s Enough!

       That's enough.....

How many times in a day do we say "that's enough" to your child/children?  We could be talking about a ton of different things from how much they have had to eat to how they are treating each other.

We have started something fairly new with our kids.  We all know that when kids get bored food seems like good idea. (Lets be real it the same for adults too..) When meal time is close we often hear {whining} I'm hungry....can i have something to eat? Then during the meal kids can definitely over eat at times, or eat all of or to much of something not leaving any for the rest of the family. So we as parents say "that's enough".

So when something like that happens we have them say:  "Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from YHWH".  We are refocusing them on what is important.

Then there are the times when the kids are fighting/fussing/picking........ with/on their siblings for WHATEVER reason. We say or yell THAT'S ENOUGH!

I know for our kids we try to let them work it out on their own for a few mins ( and sometimes they do). When that doesn't happen we step in and take charge of the situation, sometimes punishing one or all of them depending on the situation.

We could easily incorporate this into our lives. For the first one lets go past the food part of it for us big kids and think about what we whine about.....yes sometimes it is food and instead of getting whiny we get "hangry" ( hungry-angry). Other times its going to work, that could be inside or outside the home. I know for me cleaning is not the highlight of my day, neither is going to the grocery store...... We as adults realize these not always fun things are just part of life and often necessary.

What about our siblings in Messiah? How are we treating them? Are we fighting/fussing/picking on each other? Are we working things out on our own? Or does our Father have to step in and discipline us to get our attention and get us to listen to Him?



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